Introducing New Episodes of Whirl + 5 FREE Coloring Pages

by Anne Fogerty on September 11, 2017

This week, we’re releasing 40 brand new episodes of Whirl: Ada & Friends and 39 new episodes of Whirl: Leo & Friends!

If you haven’t checked out Whirl yet, be sure to read this introductory post for the series. Later this week, we’ll share some interviews with the stars of the show - Ada & Leo - on JellyTelly Parents.

To celebrate the release of these new episodes, download these 5 coloring pages from Sparkhouse Family featuring scenes from the Bible and take the fun off-screen!

In these new episodes, your kids will learn things like:

  • The many names of Jesus [Whirl: Ada & Friends - Nix Naming]
  • It’s okay to ask questions [Whirl: Ada & Friends - Any Questions]
  • Trusting in God [Whirl: Leo & Friends - Canoe Creeps]

Check out some preview clips from the new episodes of Whirl below and be sure to watch all of the full-episodes on JellyTelly today - your first week is free!

Whirl: Ada & Friends - Crayon Catastrophe
When Otto refuses to share his crayons, a dibs war begins.

Whirl: Ada & Friends - Debatable Directions
Ada & Otto follow the directions in the instruction manual in an effort to unfreeze a hard-drive, no matter how questionable they seem.

Whirl: Ada & Friends - Any Questions
Victor goes to great lengths to stop his friends from asking any questions.

Whirl: Leo & Friends - Canoe Creeps
Burt is terrified of water, but Ruby reminds him to trust in God.

Whirl: Leo & Friends - Advent Entrenched
A snowball fight ensues after an argument about Advent vs. Christmas music.

Whirl: Leo & Friends - Scary Queries
Leo's favorite disciple is Thomas, but his friends don't quite understand why.

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