Introducing JellyTelly Press: Books and Bibles for Christian Families

by Jamie Young on January 08, 2019


We are thrilled to announce the launch of JellyTelly Press, our brand-new children's book imprint in partnership with FaithWords.

JellyTelly is proud to be a partner for Christian parents and now, together with JellyTelly Press, we are empowering families to use all forms of media to intentionally grow in faith. Turn story time into faith-focused family time with these brand-new books featuring characters from Buck Denver Asks®. . . What's In The Bible?

We spent months praying over and planning for all of our kids' books so that families have access to whimsical, practical, and useful resources to help guide their family faith while connecting through story time.

Guide your children's faith with JellyTelly Books!

Picture Books (releasing February 19th):


Buck Denver's Giant Robot Suit: A Lesson in Friendship

Buck learns that God uses friends to help us grow stronger and our friendship with Jesus helps us grow closer to God!


Buck Denver's Bad, Bad Day: A Lesson in Thankfulness

Buck learns that on good days AND bad days, God is good and worthy of our thanks-every day, no matter what!

Board Books:


God Made the World

Clive & Ian go on a picnic and discover that God created the whole world for us to enjoy.


God Made Night & Day

Clive & Ian discover that God made the sun and moon, darkness and light, day and night!


God Made the Animals

Clive & Ian visit the zoo and discover that God created each animal perfectly unique!


God Made Me

Clive helps his brother Ian learn that he is special because God made him!

Coloring Books:


Buck Denver's Bible Coloring Book: Old Testament Stories

Color your way through well-known Old Testament Bible stories and bring God's Word to life at the kitchen table!


Buck Denver's Bible Coloring Book: New Testament Stories

Color your way through well-known New Testament Bible stories and bring the journey of Jesus and his disciples to life at the kitchen table!

Intentionally build your child's library with faith-focused books in the new year! 

Also coming soon for fans of Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Big Nate . . . middle-grade/chapter books for kids 7 and up based on our favorite 5th grader from Micah's Super Vlog! Stay tuned for details!

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