How To Use My Jesus Journal at Easter

by Guest Writer on February 22, 2016


When we started to write My Jesus Journal, we dreamed of a resource that would encourage kids to meet Jesus in their everyday life. As we approach Easter this year, My Jesus Journal is a chance for your family to reflect daily on Jesus' presence and blessings, and for children to create their own journal about their relationship with Christ.

There are lots of resources - books, videos, curriculums, etc - out there that teach who Jesus is. My Jesus Journal goes a step further to explore not only who Jesus is, but also who we are because of Jesus! My Jesus Journal has three primary components - an overarching family activity, a set of individual journaling projects for your child, and a devotional section called Remembering the Cross that is perfect for use during Holy Week.


The Story of Jesus and the Joy of the Resurrection

The story of Jesus is so much more than the words we find written about his life on the pages of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. It is the story that fundamentally changes everything, the greatest moment in all of human history, when God came to earth, died in our place, and set his people free forever.

When we say "He is Risen!" at Easter, we are claiming something that is true every day. He is risen! The joy of the resurrection is part of the way we live every day of our lives. When Jesus came to earth, he brought the Kingdom of God to us, and planted it like a mustard seed. We are all invited to be part of the Kingdom - to stand fully redeemed, here and now. And yet we live and grow up in a still-broken world, but God has promised to make all things new.

My Jesus Journal was created to guide your family into a richer understanding of who we are, what Jesus did for us, and how we are to live in the light of the truths of the Gospel. The Kingdom of God is here! It's blooming all around us, in big things and in everyday small things.


How To Use My Jesus Journal at Easter

While My Jesus Journal wasn't specifically created for Easter, we've included tips throughout the book suggesting how you could use it during the Lent and Easter season. If you want to use it for Easter, we suggest the following framework:

    • Whole month of Easter: Use the family mustard tree activity
    • Two weeks before Easter: Use the activities in the section "Who am I?
    • One week before Easter: Use the activities in the section "Who is Jesus?"
    • Easter/Holy Week: Do the Remembering the Cross family activity each night
    • Easter Week + Week after: Do activities in the section "How do we live because of Jesus?"


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