Palm Sunday - Easter 5 Minute Family Devotional

by Melanie Rainer on April 13, 2019

Learn why people laid down palm branches while shouting, "Hosanna!" when Jesus rode into Jerusalem by watching the Palm Sunday devotional.

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Looking for additional resources to share during your devotional time? Here are a few ideas we've pulled together:

1. Read the full Bible story here: Matthew 21:1-11

2. Share these additional discussion questions:

  • Jesus was fulfilling an Old Testament prophecy by riding a colt into Jerusalem. We saw the original prophecy in the verse from Zechariah. What are other Old Testament prophecies that Jesus fulfilled? (Here are a few that you can look up in your Bible: Micah 5:2, Isaiah 9:6, Isaiah 53:3)
  • The Jewish people thought that Jesus was coming to be their earthly king, that he would overthrow the Romans! But God had a very different plan for Jesus. Sometimes God’s plans don’t make sense to us. Can you share a time you couldn’t figure out what God was doing in your life but then you understood later? (Parents, this is a great time to share with your children about how God has worked in your life. Being open about your faith journey with your kids will help them see what a Christian walk is really like! It’s not always easy, but we can trust that God is always faithful.)

3. Download a coloring page of Jesus riding into Jerusalem here:


Originally published on April 06, 2017

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