Best Christian Shows for Elementary Schoolers

by Melanie Rainer on August 11, 2017


Looking for safe Christian shows for your elementary school-aged kids? JellyTelly has you covered! With more than 115 Christian shows and movies, your kids will definitely find new favorites that you can feel good about. Check out the list below of our favorite Christian shows for elementary schoolers streaming on JellyTelly: 


Micah's Super Vlog

Join Micah and his friends Lydia and Armin for their adventures at New Leaf Elementary School. From learning about the fruit of the Spirit to rapping Old Testament stories, these pals always have a good time and learn about God. Watch Micah's Super Vlog on JellyTelly today. Micah's Super Vlog has also recently released a new series - The Armor of God that we highly recommend as well!


Theo is a beautifully-animated show that teaches kids about systematic theology, but in a very fun and engaging way! Theo, a kind English gentleman, teaches two friendly mice, Luther and Belfry, about God and the Bible when they get into sticky situations. Check out Theo on JellyTelly today!


Buck Denver Asks ... What's in the Bible?

Newscaster Buck Denver and his friends go on a wacky, wonderful, educational and musical journey through the whole Bible – from Genesis to Revelation! Learn how all the stories of the Bible fit together to tell God's great rescue plan. This is the hilarious and family-favorite series from VeggieTales(R) creator Phil Vischer. Stream What's in the Bible? on JellyTelly today!


Friends and Heroes

Friends and Heroes is a fast-paced adventure series that we love, and your elementary-schoolers will too. Macky and Portia travel across the ancient world fighting for justice with courage and compassion, learning and sharing the stories of the Old and New Testaments, and becoming friends and heroes along the way. Watch all 3 seasons of Friends and Heroes on JellyTelly!

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