All New God Rocks! Music Videos

by Anne Fogerty on November 20, 2017

Last week we added God Rocks! Animated Series and God Rocks! Parable Playhouse to Jellytelly. We’re now excited to add another series - God Rocks! Music Videos!

These music videos feature Chip, Gem, Carb, and Splint as they sing songs based on Biblical truths! Your kids will find themselves singing-along, hiding God’s word in their heart, and learning things like:

  • God loves you very much (Did You Know, Freckle, God So Loved the World)
  • God is Good (The Lord is Good)
  • Have faith (If You Have Faith, Little Bit of Faith)
  • Be strong in the LORD! (Be Strong, Do Not Fear, Take Your Stand)

Check out some preview clips below featuring the God Rocks gang and watch all 20 music videos on JellyTelly today! We’ll be adding more soon!

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Connect with us!


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