5 Easter Shows on JellyTelly

by Guest Writer on March 09, 2016

Here are 5 of our favorite Easter shows available for instant streaming anywhere from JellyTelly:

1. Theo Presents ... The Good News!

In this episode of the animated show Theo Presents, Theo shares the Gospel and the beautiful gift of salvation that Jesus brought at Easter. Watching The Good News! together is a wonderful way to help your children understand the true meaning of Easter and why we need Jesus to save us from our sin.
2. Read and Share Bible ... The Jesus Movie

The classic Read and Share Bible is brought to life in this animated series, and the episode The Jesus Movie is perfect for Easter. It starts at the beginning of Jesus' birth and follows Jesus throughout his life, leading up to his death and resurrection.
3. Stevie's Trek ... Messiah's Promise!

This live-action show follows Stevie as he adventures through the Holy Land. In this episode, Stevie uncovers God's plan for Jesus to keep a promise he made to the whole world!
4. Buck Denver Asks ... What's in the Bible? The Messiah Has Come!

Buck Denver and friends learn about the life, death and resurrection of Jesus and how Jesus brought the Kingdom of God! You'll love this retelling of the most powerful story every told - how Jesus died for our sins and rose again three days later, and how he invites us all to be a part of his Kingdom.
5. Yancy and Friends ... The Bunny Song

This groovy tune from Yancy explains why Easter is about more than bunnies ... you'll love singing along!


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